Helicopter scenic flight to Mount Kilimanjaro

☻ Views the Snow of Mt Kilimanjaro and the three peaks of Kilimanjaro.

☻ This Tour takes from 3 Hours and more as the Flight starts and ends at Arusha or Moshi Airport.

☻ Best Months for Kilimanjaro Scenic flights are August, September to Mid October and Scenic flights months are Mid January, February to Mid March.

☻ Usually these Months there is no rain, the sky is clear most days (no clouds in most days) best flight time is mornings from 07.00 am to 11.00 am and evenings from 03.00 to 05.00

☻ Helicopter flights Kilimanjaro Scenic flights is able to fly to 12,000 ft only, aim is to see Mount Kilimanjaro attractions. Kilimanjaro Snow view, and shira plateau and many amazing land forms.

☻ While Aircraft Fixed Wing using Cessna Grand Caravan can fly up to 30,000 ft and is to see Mount Kilimanjaro attractions, fly above Kilimanjaro summit, Kibo peak 19340 ft and see Mawenzi peak and most attractions including Eastern ice fields.