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    Why Partner With Us?

    There are many benefits to partnering with Let’s view Tanzania
    ·         The Let’s view Tanzania Promise: Our 100% Guarantee. We believe so strongly in our product that we’ve created the Let’s view Tanzania  Promise. Should your client feel that we have failed to deliver on our promise, his/her next  Let’s view Tanzania  is complimentary.

    ·         “One call does it all:” Once you call us, we finalize the details of the trip directly with you and your client. We promise professional, personalized service from your initial inquiry to the final farewells.
    ·         Training: Let’s view Tanzania  will gladly train you and others in your agency about the advantages and opportunities of selling adventure travel in general and our product line in specific.
          You set the date; we’ll bring our experienced staff and lunch or refreshments.

    ·         Presentations: We will also plan and hold a reception for you and your clients, educating them about Adventure Travel and Let’s view Tanzania. Again, we’ll provide an experienced speaker, an entertaining slide presentation and refreshments.

    ·         Co-marketing opportunities: We can work with you to provide information for current clients or prospects. This could be in the form of postcards, mailings, web-links or even receptions hosted by Austin Adventures.

    ·         Commission opportunities: Remember, you can earn additional commissions by selling your client’s airfare and pre- and post-trip accommodations.



    Travel Agent Commission Structure

    At Let’s view Tanzania we have the most straight-forward commission system in the business. We pay 12- 15% commission on all agency bookings and will never come between a travel agent and their client. Furthermore, we have a policy in place ensuring you receive commission for every trip your customer books, year after year. We will gladly pay you the appropriate level commission for trips booked directly by your clients with  Let’s view Tanzania. Our only requirements are that your client approves and that you take over the reservation within 30 days of the client’s date of deposit.

    NOTE: An agency is defined as a single geographic location; a booking is defined as one person – adult or child, booked on any Let’s view Tanzania vacation – pre-set departure or custom. For example, a family of 6 booked on an Let’s view Tanzania  trip is considered to be 6 bookings.

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